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Law Offices of Zev Weinstein made this privacy statement below, to help show we are committed firm commitment to fully inform users about how we use internet data from your visit here. This is the disclosure on how we gather and disseminate our website:

Law Offices of Zev Weinstein mission, inter alia, is a constant effort to gain your trust, confidence and vote online and by using fair practices in gathering information. Because the Law Offices of Zev Weinstein wants to demonstrate its commitment to respecting your privacy, we now disclose our information practices. We will tell you:

  • What information we collect
  • How we use your information
  • Under Circumstances information would be shared, if at all
  • This site’s opt-in/out policy(ies)
  • This site’s policy(ies) on correcting and/or updating personally identifiable information
  • This site’s policy on removing or deactivating your information from our database.

If you have other question, you can always email us: CLICK HERE


Law Offices of Zev Weinstein web site uses online forms for users like you to contact us about a potential personal injury lawsuit, or to ask about demonstrations, guest speaking, sharing articles, or news, etc, such as press releases or other announcements about Law Offices of Zev Weinstein client solutions and services. When you fill out these online forms, you may be asked to provide personal information such as name, address, email, and phone number.

This information will only be used by Law Offices of Zev Weinstein, or his authorized associates, of counsel, or firm representatives to contact you in regard to your specific legal information requests.

Law Offices of Zev Weinstein may use a feature of your web browser called a “cookie” to assign you a unique “User-ID.” A cookie alone, does not determine the identity of any web user. Law Offices of Zev Weinstein User-ID cookie could automatically identify your computer – but not you – to web servers when you visit our website. Unless you specifically tell us, Law Offices of Zev Weinstein will never know who you are, even though your computer could be sent a cookie.

Law Offices of Zev Weinstein uses anonymous data gathered in our Web site log files such as your IP addresses, in order to help us fix problems with our servers, hosts, etc, and to help run our Web site.


Our online survey could ask online Website visitors for their contact information (Such as email addresses). Users can opt-out of receiving future mailings (See also our opt-out section below.)


The information gathered on the site is treated as Law Offices of Zev Weinstein internal information and is not shared with anybody outside of Law Offices of Zev Weinstein, its agents, associates, referral/referring attorneys, or assigns. Law Offices of Zev Weinstein will never willfully disclose personally identifiable information collected on its Web site to any third party, without that person’s permission.


We may use outside marketing companies to display ads on our site from time to time. These ads may also contain cookies. We do not have access to this information, if it is collected at all.


Our Website lets you opt out of submitting personal information to Law Offices of Zev Weinstein. You can always decide not to include your identifying data, but if we cannot contact you, we will be unable to help you. You are in control of how Law Offices of Zev Weinstein employs any anonymous information.


If you want to have your cookie, or other data deleted from the Law Offices of Zev Weinstein database, please send us an email: CLICK HERE
Use the opt out feature described above to prevent Law Offices of Zev Weinstein from correlating any anonymous information to or from your computer. If the use of cookies on your computer is disabled, Law Offices of Zev Weinstein cannot use cookies to identify your user computer or figure out info from a cookie. You can also change your MAC address. Law Offices of Zev Weinstein site contains links to other sites. Law Offices of Zev Weinstein is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites, and only provides links that appear helpful, or informative in educating the public at large.


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