Burn Injury Lawyers

Did you or a loved one suffer serious burn injuries in an accident in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles County? Was your extreme pain, permanent disabilities, deformity, plastic surgery, and daunting medical costs, due to the negligence of another party? The Marina del Rey burn injury attorneys at (310) 237-6225 protect the rights of the injured victim and hold the negligent party liable. The Weinstein Law Offices has years of experience in successfully representing personal injury victims, including burn injury clients. Weinstein Law Offices has successfully recovered millions in compensation and settlements for our clients, and is well respected in the communities of Marina del Rey and in the courts of California. Our Marina del Rey burn injury lawyers provide a free consultation to discuss your case and evaluate your legal options.

Every year in the United States there are over 10,000 people that suffer serious burn injury accidents and it is the leading cause of death, behind motor vehicle accidents and fall accidents.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

  • First Degree Burns: First degree burns are the type of burn that is usually mild and only affects the first layer of skin. This is the kind of burn injury that will normally heal within about a week, without medical care and is most commonly associated with things like sunburns.
  • Second Degree Burns: This is a burn injury that is more serious and affects the top two layers of skin, the epidermis and the dermis. The effects of this type of burn can cause the skin to have a translucent or extreme white appearance. This is also the burn injury that can cause severe blistering and will require medical care that can include skin grafts to promote the healing process.
  • Third Degree Burns: This is a severe type of burn and damages three layers of skin, which can cause it to be discolored and have a leather appearance. This is a burn injury that can cause permanent scarring, and surgeries to remove the damaged skin and tissue. Skin grafts are usually a part of the medical treatment and wearing of long-term compression garments that help to minimize the scarring.

Causes of Burn Injuries

  • Electrocution
  • Thermal Burns
  • Chemical Burns
  • Fume Ignition
  • Gasoline Spills
  • Defective Products
  • Building Fires
  • Smoke Inhalation
  • Gasoline Explosions

When you or a loved one has been the victim of a serious burn injury that was caused by negligence, the Marina del Rey premises injury lawyers can assist you in holding the negligent party responsible. The Weinstein Law Offices has the experience, the litigation skills and the resources to hold the negligent party or premises owner responsible and recover the amount compensation they deserve. Our Marina del Rey tort lawyers can be contacted toll-free to schedule an appointment to discuss your case at (888) 707-4493.

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